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Insulating pressboard is made of insulated non-bleached sulphate wood pulp, which has the advantages of high mechanical and electrical strength, good tensile strength, good elongation, low compressibility and good bending performance. Good performance makes the products widely used in transformers, reactors, inductors and other power transmission and transformation equipments.

The insulation components are made of 100% insulation pulp or insulation pressboard,with special moulds,professional manufacturing methods or special mechanical processing methods.They are used to ensure the insulation strength and mechanical strength in oil-immersed electric power equipments.

Our paper tubes are made with core board materials produced by our group. With the characteristics of good straightness, high strength and stable quality, our paper tubes can meet different kinds of winding and coiling needs, and have been widely applied to paper making, textiles and films industries,etc.

Our core board product has been already widely applied to high strengthen pipe, textile bobbin, paper industry paper tube, plastic film paper tube, etc. The quality of product technical data is steady, especially ply bond, ring crush and performance reached the international standard. Our product can completely replace high grade imported core board. Meanwhile, we can supply slit coils according to customer requirements.

Using advanced equipment at home and abroad and advanced papermaking technology,we produce high-grade waterproof kraft liner paper from imported pulp,imported high-quality waste paper and domestic high-quality waste paper.

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